Український дайджест "Prism UA" (П'ятий випуск)

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Rapid changes within the area of international affairs and the latest developments in the global security crisis are a threat for Ukraine to melt in the turmoil of crisis. The situation requires that both the Ukrainian authorities and ally countries would remain on the highest level of alert and prevent this from happening. Despite the conflict in eastern Ukraine and endless Russia's attempts to make Ukraine a failed state, development in various sectors is processing. However, now as never before Ukraine needs a firm support, both direct and indirect, from the West. This means, any political developments that would be beneficial to Russia would be playing against the efforts of Ukraine to move closer to Europe. In the fifth issue of Prism.UA we focus on the most sensitive topics of the day. One of them is the perspective of the EU-Ukraine visa liberalisation in 2016. To this end, the Ukrainian Parliament even adopted a controversial and highly debated antidiscrimination law, however, closing of the borders even among Schengen members due to the security crisis, puts the perspective for visa-free regime into a question. Thus, in the first article Iryna Sushko reviews the status quo of the implementation of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan. She also maintains that the ongoing reforms are important not only for the EU-Ukraine cooperation, but also for Ukraine's internal development. Another important issue is the ongoing processes in the European energy sector. Ukraine remains in the dangerous situation and the need for closer cooperation with the EU is crucial for overcoming vulnerabilities. Andriy Chubyk discusses four negative trends in approaching energy issues, which may have a harmful effect on the unity of Europe in the energy sector. He concludes that despite the domestic challenges, Ukraine has shown a very positive progress in the field of reform of its energy sector. The deeds and political will showed by Kyiv should also be reflected in the European debates on the future of the European energy market. Finally, in this issue we discuss the role of the United Nations in the management of Russia's war against Ukraine. Yuliya Kurnishova presents a historical perspective on Ukraine-Russia's disagreements that were dealt with at the UN level. Subsequently, she discusses the lack of the instruments within the UN to act adequately in such crisis and summarises that the reform of the structure of the UN must be pushed forward.

Hennadiy Maksak, co-editor of digest "Prism.UA", Coordinator of the FP expert network "Ukrainian prism" Vytautas Keršanskas, co-editor of digest "Prism.UA", Analyst at the Eastern Europe Studies Centre.